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Hello to all of our P2P families.


It goes without saying that the last two months away from our favorite things in life have been difficult. It's tough being away from our players and families and not being out on a field together with this baseball weather. So much has happened lately between Governor Walz's announcement, CDC, MDH, and OSHA guidance on resuming our operations, along with constant news of leagues, associations, and Summer programs cancelling and adjusting their Summer schedules.


As many of us are parents ourselves, we recognize a lot of you are ready to get your kids back to a regular baseball experience right away, and some of you are not quite ready to send your kids out into our new world. We understand both philosophies, and will provide baseball opportunities in all forms - competition, outdoor training, indoor training, and virtual training this Summer.


June 1 is a turning point for all of us that have been waiting to get back to baseball and we are ready to help bring it back in the most responsible manner. Things are coming together quickly for what our Summer will look like, and we want to clearly lay out what the next few months at P2P will include!

Pitch 2 Pitch Back to Baseball Timeline

There are several key dates upcoming as we slowly phase back into baseball in Minnesota. In our preparedness plan, we have made numerous additions and adjustments to our facilities and processes, modifications to our programs, and have created new requirements for staff, players, and parents in order to strictly control our environments, capacities and movements, to make baseball a safe and fun part of your Summers. Please view our plan here and keep in mind that this will be an evolving document as we learn more.


  • JUNE 1 - ON-FIELD. With the return of small group activities of 10 or less, we will start to utilize local open fields for small group outdoor training sessions. This is intended for players to get back out on a field to throw, hit, run and play ball and work on situations in a small group setting with P2P Staff. Registration is open. These classes can also be scheduled using existing Academy credits on your accounts. 


  • June 1 - INDOOR TRAINING. All P2P Facilities will reopen for training with extensive modifications per our preparedness plan. The number of people will be reduced in accordance with guidance and therefore, only certain programs will be online. At this time we will start Summer Millers indoor small group training, 1:1 lessons, and limited membership cage bookings during business hours. 


  • JUNE 15 - Our P2P Summer Training Program begins! We will have small group, socially distanced Summer Training programs running classes Monday through Thursday, between 8 AM - 1:30 PM. 10U-18U players can participate 2x per week at any P2P Facility.


Millers Club Team Opportunities

If your Summer team situation has changed and you'd like to play and train with P2P Millers, please contact Danny Larson for ages 10-18U. We will do everything we can to provide a great Summer of baseball for your player.


P2P Memberships

With not having our facilities open until June 1st that will mark just over 2 months our members have been without our facilities. We will be extending all members who had active accounts at the time of our pause due to COVID-19 through the Summer to add back 2 months for the 2 months lost. Members can also exchange this for training credits if they'd like - contact your regional manager if you have questions.

I hope that this information gives you assurance that we are prepared to help bring your player back to baseball when you are ready. Please reach out to myself or your regional manager with questions, and see some of you for our first On-Field Session!


C J Woodrow

Founder - P2P


P2P NW - Matt Mossey

P2P SW - Zach Hoffmann

P2P South - Matt Erzar

P2P East - Danny Larson