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Millers Training is the facility training portion of the Millers program.  This is the same program as our Winter Training program just tailored to in-season needs to help players adjust and compete at their highest level.

Typical Training Schedule: 10-13U Millers Tue & Thur | 14-18U Millers train Mon & Wed (*subject to change per season)

Practice is the on-field portion of the Millers program.


Hybrid/High Intense Day & Recovery Day depending on when a player last pitched.  Pitch development, arm care and adjustments are covered in this portion of Training.



Player programs, drills, videos, notes, etc. are all available in TRAQ in a players phone.  If a player misses a training session or practice, options to get their work in can be found in TRAQ and/or by contacting their coach.


Mechanics and Adjustments are the main focus here.  Working on technique and then applying to pitches with speed and movement for on-field success are trained here.



Gold membership is included with Millers.  This allows opportunities for extra work and/or make-up work for players to ensure they are not missing development.

Access codes are sent out to players and teams and last from the start of practices to the end of the season.


Bodies should be trained year-round with different power, rest and mobility cycles.  In-season performance focuses on speed work and maintaining all the gains from the off-season to stay healthy and finish the season strong.  On-field performance while at tournaments is also incorporated.


These technologies are used to measure, assess, analyze and provide feedback for players throwing and hitting.  This helps them learn what they are doing in real time so our coaches/instructors can help them with their adjustments.  Data can be saved/uploaded to a player's TRAQ account to see development over time.